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Saturday, September 20, 2008

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DialNow offers the lowest international tariffs and is easy to use. Just register an account on our website with your phonenumber and buy credit.

For 10 euro you can call up to 2000 minutes!
To make a phonecall using our service, just dial the low cost access number from the country where you live, followed by the complete international number you wish to call.

Argentina0 ct/min
Austria1 ct/min
Belarus (+mobile)10 ct/min
Bolivia1 ct/min
Bosnia-herzegovina6 ct/min
Brazil1 ct/min
Chile (mobile)3 ct/min
Chile1 ct/min
China (+mobile)1 ct/min
Colombia1 ct/min
Cyprus1 ct/min
Finland (mobile)3 ct/min
Honduras2 ct/min
Syrian Arab Republic (mobile)9 ct/min
Syrian Arab Republic7 ct/mi

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Voip Reseller - Accept Moneybookers

Voip Reseller - Accept Moneybookers

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+6013-6180665 (Ashraf)

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Customer Worldwide Pay by Moneybooker USD 20

Customer in Egypt Pay by Bank of Egypt or cash LE 105

Customer in Malaysia contact me for payment option RM 60

For Bulk.. Contact by email

You can Bank in to my account

Bank : CIMB Bank Malaysia

Account Holder :MOHD ASHRAF

Account Number : 020 6007 9292 524


Bank : HSBC Malaysia

Account Holder : MOHD ASHRAF Account Number : 031-092471-025

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Contact Detail


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