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Friday, January 9, 2009

Talk Becomes Cheap - VoIP The Alternative


More than for million people worldwide now use VOIP to route heir calls over the internet and private networks instead of over dedicated phone lnes. All you need is an adaptor that sits between your phone and your high-speed connection and magically transforms your conversation into byte-size digital packets and back to voice again. The quality is better than your cell and often as good as your landline, with a gazallion include features, for less money than you pay now. You can even keep your phone and number. So why aren't we all using VoIP?

For starters, you need broadband. Also, local area codes aren't yet available everywhere. Other hurdless : VoIP lines die when the power does, not all provider support 91, and there are theoritical security risks ( call taping, voicemail spam ), although most providers have protection against these threats

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