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Monday, October 27, 2008

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Why Using Betamax Voip Programs ?

Every voucher
you buy is working for all Betamax Voip Programs, like Voipbuster, Justvoip, Internetcalls, Freecall, Webcalldirect, etc. A voucher is 10 Euro, 50 Euro, 100 Euro.With voucher 10 euro you will get Free Calls 3-4 Months (90-120 days) to more than 20 destination countries.

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It's easy to get vouchers of Betamax Voips, because we give you another solutions to buy credits/vouchers. You can buy from Reseller using Internet Payment like : Paypal, Moneybookers, E-gold, AlertPay, Bank Transfer, etc.

About Betamax :

Betamax is a telecom operator which provides affordable and easy-to-use telecommunications services to residential and small business customers. Betamax is specialised in marketing internet-based telephony. Betamax was founded in 2005 in Germany by a group of marketing experts. Funding from private investors and venture capitalists allowed for a rapid market roll-out of a variety of products which are powered by Betamax.

Technology and research.

The telecommunications industry is ever evolving and Betamax is at the forefront with cutting edge technologies and a focus on the latest developments. Whether it be Voice over IP (internet telephony), data-encryption, secure payment services or callrouting. Betamax offers a wide range of technologies that face up to the modern day challenges.(Source:

VoIP telephone calls can be placed either to other VoIP devices, or to normal telephones on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Calls from a VoIP device to a PSTN device are commonly called "PC-to-Phone" calls, even though the VoIP device may not be a PC.

Calls from a VoIP device to another VoIP device are commonly called "PC-to-PC" calls, even though neither device may be a PC.

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