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Monday, November 24, 2008

Betamax Reseller


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We are Official VoIP Resellers authorized by Betamax GmbH (Germany) for its VoIP calling services. We have the rights to sell credit for all the VoIP products of Betamax, such as voipstunt, voipbuster, voipdiscount, voipcheap, poivy, internetcalls, webcalldirect, netappel,, lowratevoip, voipwise, etc.

VoipBetamax is register reseller which provide not only best and quality voip but the cheapest in the world which available in Voip market. Starting with use it is simple, just create and acount, buy credit as low as euro 5. No monthly maintainan. We provide you the cheapest rates for international call.

Betamax is a fast growing telecommunication service provider.
Betamax provide the best termination quality to the cheapest prices available on
The VOIP market.

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Betamax Reseller

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Voip Reseller - Accept Moneybookers

Voip Reseller - Accept Moneybookers

Official Betamax Voip Reseller

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Customer Worldwide Pay by Moneybooker USD 20

Customer in Egypt Pay by Bank of Egypt or cash LE 105

Customer in Malaysia contact me for payment option RM 60

For Bulk.. Contact by email

You can Bank in to my account

Bank : CIMB Bank Malaysia

Account Holder :MOHD ASHRAF

Account Number : 020 6007 9292 524


Bank : HSBC Malaysia

Account Holder : MOHD ASHRAF Account Number : 031-092471-025

Contact Detail

Contact Detail


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