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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peer-to-peer, Virtual PBX, hosted, managed business VOIP


So yu hae heard talk about VoIP, but wat exactly does it mean? Well, the answer is that VoIP means different things to different people; it all depends on who you ask. Since the term VoIP can be applied in many unique ways, there is usually another word in front of VoIP to accurately explain the service. Usually the term VoIP is applied in one of the following ways : peer-to-peer VoIP, Virtual PBX VoIP, hosted VoIP, managed business VoIP etc. Below is a short run down of these services providing you with a quick look at each niche market to help you better understand this service.

Peer-to-Peer VoIP

What it is : Two people who have downloaded the same software can chat directly for free. Example : Skype, YM

What you should know : It is free but works best for individuals ( when you want to chat with your kids or spouse from a business trip, for instance ), not business.

Residential VoIP. In general this means that you use your analog phone to chat with other people except in this case the call is going over the Internet instead of a phone line. AN example of this is Vonage. An important thing to keep in mind is you get what you pay for. The price is better than a regular phone but service is often spotty.

Virtual PBX. The benefit of virtual PBX is that it makes a small company look bigger. If you have a one-person firm, this is a good ption. By setting up a virtual PBX you can have callers press one for sales, two for marketing and three for technlogy. Then you can have all calls routed to your cell phone. An example of virtual PBX is GotVMail. Keep in mind however that while this is expensive, its functionality is limited.

Hosted. This simply means that there are phones but no central piece of equipment at your office. This central technology is hosted by the provider. Example : Packet 8

What you should know : You get more functionality than with a virtual PBX, yet you don't have to spend as much as you would on a managed business VoIP.

Managed Business.

This service is nearly identical to hosted VoIP, except everything runs on private lines, instead of the public Internet. This is ideal for a very large company that will be in truble if its phone s system goes down, even on a very rare occasion and even if only for a few minutes. Examples : MS< CBeyond, Cisco.

What you should know : Better quality control but most expensive of all VoIP options.

About the Author :
Frank Newman is a VoIP expert, providing in depth analysis of IP phones, VoIP providers, and more on his industry leading blog.

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